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n. A front claw.

Usage examples of "foreclaw".

Ember reached up with her foreclaws, hooked his small, worthless wings, and pulled herself up and back into place.

Though it loomed larger than a warhorse, and could send him flying with a swipe of its foreclaws, it never did, and he felt easy around it now, although Domina still held herself aloof.

Thunderstorm said in surprise, settling down on a cushion in the sun with his wings on his back and his foreclaws thrust out before him like the Sphinx.

The foreclaws, balancing out the big haunches behind, had fierce talons over ten centimeters long that ticked on the shiny, stone floor.

A couple of them grabbed for his arms with their foreclaws and wing-hands.

Ignoring the knife that slapped into his hand, she took out his belly with her hind claws, his throat with her foreclaws and fell off him, the knife sunk to the hilt in her side.

Druzil walked by the wizard, taking the two tiny bags and looping them over the foreclaws on his wing.

He looked over his shoulder and saw them cominghuge canine teeth bared, long foreclaws tearing up the ground.

As Darkwind brought all of his attention and concentration back to his physical body, the gryphon slumped over his foreclaws and sighed.

The gryphon unstuck his foreclaws from the flooring canvas and tested his range of movement.

Below, the lyco leaned its foreclaws against the trunk and fixed its eyes on Peter.

They had comblike appendages just behind their foreclaws, and what looked like an extra fixture behind the one that approximated the function of the human thumb.

They had comblike appendages just behindtheir foreclaws, and what looked like an extra fixturebehind the one that approximated the function of thehuman thumb.

The beast flung back, screaming, falling over its tangled legs, tearing at its snout with its foreclaws.

The sun overhead scorched her outstretched wings and back, but the wind bit bitterly against her nares, her underbelly, and her foreclaws.