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adv. (alternative form of forby English) prep. (alternative form of forby English)

Usage examples of "forbye".

He has been a good master to me, and forbye, I am a believing Christian.

Hartshorn and Meek and Sloan left at the house, forbye the Squire and his leddy.

Your ain een, at a time when you were in no condition to see clear, and forbye you were on the top of a tree, and it was in the mid of the night.

There never was woman yet, young or auld, that was ill-set to a sodger, forbye yon randy Jael, wha maun hae been an unco trial to her man.

These are odds that are just a wee bit beyond my liking, forbye that we had no meat in our bellies.

Forbye Alison there lived at the Skerburnfoot a young maid, Ailie Sempill, who by all accounts was as good and bonnie as the other was evil.