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Forbush can refer to:

Fictional characters
  • Forbush Man, a character in the comic book Not Brand Echh
  • Nellie Forbush, a character in the musical South Pacific
  • Scott Forbush (1904–1984), astronomer
  • Edward Howe Forbush, ornithologist and author of Birds of New England
  • Forbush, Iowa, an unincorporated community
  • Forbush Township, Yadkin County, North Carolina, USA
  • Forbush, North Carolina, a community within Forbush Township
  • Forbush Lake on Vancouver Island
  • Forbush decrease, in astronomy, a decrease in observed cosmic ray intensity

Usage examples of "forbush".

I had Forbush, the first trick man, called and placed him in charge of the office during my absence.

I might have noticed that big Dan Forbush had an amused look in his eye when I went off on one of these trips.

Lucy as Mother Courage, as Joan of Arc, as Blanche Dubois, as Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road, and as Nellie Forbush, washing her man right out of her hair.