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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Dustin Hoffman as Hook looked more like a Regency fop than a serious kidnapper.
▪ Edek was nothing more than a Warsaw fop.
▪ For another, what you got here is a city full of fops and only one dry cleaners.
▪ His actual identity is Sir Percy Blakeney, who at home safeguards his secret by acting the trivial society fop.
▪ That young fop ... Perhaps it had been the Prince or Gaveston?
▪ The bored wives of old men and burgesses often found happiness in the arms of some court dandy or noble fop.
▪ This isn't even pop about pop, this is fop about pop.
▪ Who was the young page, and the mysterious young fop who had trailed them?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fop \Fop\, n. [OE. foppe, fop, fool; cf. E. fob to cheat, G. foppen to make a fool of one, jeer, D. foppen.] One whose ambition it is to gain admiration by showy dress; a coxcomb; an inferior dandy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "foolish person," of unknown origin, perhaps related to obsolete verb fop "make a fool of," from a continental source akin to German foppen "jeer at, make a fool of." Sense of "dandy, coxcomb, man ostentatiously nice in manner and appearance" is from 1670s, perhaps given in derision by those who thought such things foolish. The 18c. was their period of greatest florescense. The junior variety was a fopling (1680s).\n\nHis was the sumptuous age of powder and patches. He was especially dainty in the matters of sword-knots, shoe-buckles, and lace ruffles. He was ablaze with jewelry, took snuff with an incomparable air out of a box studded with diamonds, and excelled in the "nice conduct of a clouded cane."

[Charles J. Dunphie, "Fops and Foppery," New York, 1876]


n. A vain man; a dandy.


n. a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance [syn: dandy, dude, gallant, sheik, beau, swell, fashion plate, clotheshorse]


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Usage examples of "fop".

He was a bit of a fop himself, but when his short Centauran-style chlamys parted, Hamid-Jones clearly saw the outline of a shoulder holster.

The servant sent in my name, and the fop gave himself airs, and pretended that he could not receive me.

When she is won, it will be by some bold and gallant gentleman, and by no mincing squire of dames, no courtly coxcomb, no fop of the Luxembourg, be his experiences of dalliance never so vast.

The French fop Jean-Luc Echarpe was approaching with yet another Scotsman.

But it seemed to take a serious turn when the young fop, turning the conversation on the police of the city, said that for some time it had been dangerous to walk alone at night through the streets of Paris.

However, I said nothing, but decided mentally that the Florentine Adonis must be a fop of the first water.

The uncastrated men tended toward civil service fops, some of them as gaudy and overadorned as the eunuchs.

Such, for instance, is that roue yonder, the very prince of Bath fops, Handsome Jack, whose vanity induces him to assert that his eyebrows are worth one hundred per annum to any young fellow in pursuit of a fortune: it should, however, be admitted, that his gentlemanly manners and great good-nature more than compensate for any little detractions on the score of self-conceit.

He still wore his old army boots, gray trousers and tunic with CSA brass buttons, but Magpie Maggie Hag had found for him somewhere a cocked hat, and stuck in it a huge plume that made him look as dandified as the notorious fops Stuart and Custer.

It is only a literary fop or doctrinaire who will attempt to remint all the small defaced coinage that passes through his hands, only a lisping young fantastico who will refuse all conventional garments and all conventional speech.

He struck out wildly, shoving at die sand, trying desperately to keep from being buried, from disappearing beneath it forever, trapped and held by Banshee herself, fop her children the ants and more sand fell on him and around him and the ground trembled with a terrible sense of fragility and then it was over.

And what of this Caesar, this overbred and effeminate fop who boasts he is descended from Gods and then proceeds to defaecate all over mere men?

The old fop hadna so much as dared look at another lad again or venture above the second-floor landing during the entirety of his residence.

At six feet two inches, Brandark Brandarkson was shorter than Tellian, far less Bahzell, and he dressed like someone who was as close to an overcivilized fop as any hradani could hope to come.

But it seemed to take a serious turn when the young fop, turning the conversation on the police of the city, said that for some time it had been dangerous to walk alone at night through the streets of Paris.