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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Footlight \Foot"light`\, n. One of a row of lights in the front of the stage in a theater, etc., and on a level therewith.

Before the footlights, upon the stage; -- hence, in the capacity of an actor.


n. A stage light located at the front edge of the stage that illuminates the actors from foot level up.


n. theater light at the front of a stage that illuminate the set and actors [syn: footlights]


A footlight is a theatrical lighting device arranged to illuminate a stage from the front edge of the stage floor in front of the curtain. Originally set in a row of hooded individual enclosures, electric footlights are presently set in troughs across the edge of the stage so that they are not visible to the audience. An indirect footlight uses a light aimed at a reflecting surface to diffuse the illumination.

Footlight (typeface)

Footlight is a serif typeface designed by Ong Chong Wah for the Monotype Corporation. Footlight is an irregular design. It is sold in weights from light to extra-bold with matching italics. It was originally designed as an italic font, the roman version followed.

Usage examples of "footlight".

Personally, I would have fired the rogue on the spot, but the theatre manager insists footlight skills are hard to find here in Marseille, and who knows?

The two artists, being compelled to appear in the after-piece at their theatre that evening, had come to the dinner made up and in full stage costume, ready to appear behind the footlights at the summons of the call-boy.

The Back Wall with these French windows, is set only about ten feet from the footlights, and the rest of the stage is orchard.

At the far end of the room was an enormous stage, the drop curtain raised to reveal the gas footlights in green cabbage leaf sconces.

She eased back into the chair when Margo appeared before the footlights, the bodice of her silk dress revealing a good portion of her magnificent breasts, and the full gathered skirt giving her freedom of movement.

Tears streaming from his eyes, he pulled himself up over the footlights and onto the smooth surface of the stage.

Set low, shining upward, casting a warm and gentle light, the footlights soften the jawline, enhance the forehead, make mysterious the eyes and merry the mouth.

They also fitted together the curb sections to make the pista, and spread straw inside it, and outside it ranged the carbide-fired footlights and spotlights.

I will quench the footlights, so the pista will be dark when Boom-Boom swings into the anthem for the come-in.

Goesle closed his gas valve to dim and kill the footlights, and the tober went totally dark.

It fell slowly, drifting back and forth, twirling and dipping out of the spotlight into dimness, then brightening again when the footlights caught it, and finally settling gently onto the pista.

It was this youth who now stepped down to the darkened footlights and spoke in a remorseful and conscience-stricken manner.

The assistant stage-director bent sedulously over the footlights, which had now been turned up, shading his eyes with the prompt script.

Accompanied by a great, brassy fanfare from the orchestra, each woman posed by the footlights in her rustling Paris finery before moving offstage.

I spared an instant to hope fervently that one or both of her five-thousand-dollar investments were deflating at that very moment, and blinked over the bright footlights that lined the stage.