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n. (plural of fool English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fool)

Fools (play)

Fools is a comic fable by Neil Simon, set in the small village of Kulyenchikov, Ukraine (Russian Territory), during the late 19th century. The story follows Leon Steponovich Tolchinsky, a schoolteacher who takes a new job educating Sophia, the daughter of Doctor Zubritsky and his wife, Lenya. Leon soon learns that there is a curse on the village that makes everyone stupid, but complications ensue when Leon falls in love with his pupil.

Fools (film)

Fools is a 1970 drama film directed by Tom Gries. It stars Jason Robards and Katharine Ross.

Fools (Alphaville song)

Fools is the first single from Alphaville's fourth album Prostitute, and their fourteenth single overall. It was released in July 1994.

Fools (The Reason album)

Fools is the third studio album by Canadian rock band, The Reason.

Fools (EP)

"Fools" EP is the debut music release from half-British, half-Maltese songwriter Lauren Aquilina. Aquilina self-released the EP on October 22, 2012. Without record label support, independent funding, radio support or any PR the EP reached number 10 in the main UK iTunes album chart, peaking ahead of many releases from major labels during that week.

The title track 'Fools' also reached number 72 in the official UK singles chart making her the only British artist to achieve an official chart placement during 2012.

Usage examples of "fools".

I amused myself briefly by considering how Nighteyes would have bunched up and moved these woolly fools, but my even thinking of a wolf caused a few of them to halt in their tracks suddenly and glance about wildly.

Yet there be fools and fools, ye must allow, Gay fools as I and surly fools--as thou.

Since of my folly, full and free, I wisely thus admonish ye, Be wise--or eke fools learn to be In verity-- Like me!

The very fool of fools am I-- A Fool that fain would pluck the sun from heaven.

My folly mayhap shall delight thee, A song of fools I will recite thee, Lady fair--O list!

For fools that fond and foolish sigh, That wert thou foul as hog in sty Fair women must unto thee fly.

Fool, I, Rob, do rob and have robbed greater robbers that I might by robbery live to rob like robbers again, as thou, by thy foolish folly, fooleries make, befooling fools lesser than thou, that thou, Fool, by such fool-like fooleries may live to fool like fools again!

Sir Fool, have I seen a-many, both in the motley and out, but thou art rare among all fools, I do think.

Mopsa, my fostermother, that, being a wise-woman, fools decry as witch, and my ten grave and learned guardians have banished therefor?

But I, though two-legged, am but very fool of fools and nothing perilous in blazing day or blackest night.

The act of the three Fools was peculiarly compelling, faintly disturbing, wistful and wild in turns, austere and scatological, the exhortations of gentle fanatics, anarchists with a sense of humour, three raucous saints who were immensely professional in their direct simplicity.

The young man had a history of violence and severe mental disturbance, and the Fools were not to blame for providing him with an outlet, but they were all comprehensively tarred with the same brush of dangerous madness, and within a few months they had dispersed.

Fools went back to the everyday life they had so often mocked: Fools bought clothes, bore children, voted in school board elections.

Even the less flamboyant Fools courted danger: The half-and-half extremists seemed almost to glory in it.

I know of twenty-two cases of violence against Fools, all but one of them a direct result of some inflammatory word or action on the part of the Fool.