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n. A dish of boiled, mashed yams, plantain, or other starchy vegetables, common as food in West and Equatorial Africa and the Caribbean. Sold in speciality stores (qualifier: US) in dry powdered or granulated form.


Foo-Foo may refer to:

  • Fufu, a staple food in much of Africa
  • Fufu (dog) (1998–2015), the former pet poodle of the Thai Crown Prince
  • Foo-Foo, a fictional poodle belonging to Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show
  • Foo Foo, a fictional poodle belonging to Walter the Softy in the Beano
  • "Foo Foo", a song by Santana from their album Shaman
  • Foo-foo band, an impromptu musical band on a ship
  • "Foo Foo", a cartoon character devised for television by Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films in 1959-1960

Usage examples of "foo-foo".

Victim, Elisa Maplewood, purportedly went out, between ten and midnight, to walk the little foo-foo dog.

Not one of those grucky things with sticky fingers, always wanting to dicker for foo-foo shrubs.

The way it works, see, is the Groaci traders come in, take all the foo-foo shrubs they want, and say 'to put it on the tab.

The word from Zub-zloob is, the Krll have been harvesting foo-foo leaves, drying them, and shipping them someplace else for months, now.