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Usage examples of "fomy".

The fomy steedes on the golden brydel Gnawynge, and faste the armurers also With fyle and hamer prikynge to and fro.

Soone as they bene arriu'd vpon the brimOf the Rich strond, their charets they forlore,And let their temed fishes softly swimAlong the margent of the fomy shore,Least they their finnes should bruze, and surbate soreTheir tender feet vpon the stony ground:And comming to the place, where all in goreAnd cruddy bloud enwallowed they foundThe lucklesse Marinell, lying in deadly swound.

At last of her farre off he gained vew:Then gan he freshly pricke his fomy steed,And euer as he nigher to her drew,So euermore he did increase his speed,And of each turning still kept warie heed:Aloud to her he oftentimes did call,To doe away vaine doubt, and needlesse dreed:Full myld to her he spake, and oft let fallMany meeke wordes, to stay and comfort her withall.