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followed on

vb. (en-past of: follow on)

Usage examples of "followed on".

Hayward followed on the witness stand, but for all my questioning he would not acknowledge that Tinkler had come down to the berth with me on the night before the mutiny.

His interest lay in keeping track of Janai and me, and so he followed on behind us.

He followed on foot, the entire tenantry of the dowar--men, women, and children--pouring after him, participants all in his solicitude, if not in his confidence.

A great deal of good sense followed on Sir Thomas's side, tending to reconcile his wife to the arrangement.

Then followed on the roll of those words a crackling, a splintering, low and far off thunder.

Inasmuch as he did not indicate to the Wainwright party that he wished them to do differently, they followed on doggedly after him and the dragoman.

Leclerc followed on his motorcycle, trailing a handful of his Action Service brethren.