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followed by

conj. And then, and after that.

Usage examples of "followed by".

That same orbit made for an agonizingly hot, wet, and short summer followed by a winter where a good day was merely unbearable.

I hear the soft hiss and thump as the lift halts at my level, followed by the pneumatic swish of lift doors sliding open.

But since it had not been followed by other shots, or by howls of rage and pain, indicating a brawl, it attracted little attention.

A shadow appeared on the screen, followed by a thin, stooped old man, wearing baggy pants and smiling.

Then something long and glistening, like the horn of some submerged monster poked out of the water close to the near bank, then another, and another, followed by a mounded shape that towered out of the water, shedding cascading sheets of mud, sediment, and muck.

They exited together, followed by the cheers of the assembled crew.

It came from just under the bridge and was followed by the sound of stone grating against stone as a squat, blocky shape came half-walking, half-rolling into view.

On each day there was a red flare, followed by a black pall in my glass.