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Usage examples of "follette".

La Follette and his friends had given up their filibuster at six-forty on the morning of March 2, at the request of the Republican caucus, which did not want the party blamed for the failure of the Victory Bond issue to pass.

Then La Follette had got into the act, and asked for a Senate investigation of all the oil leases given out by the Department of the Interior.

Charlie La Follette makes a ten times better vice president than what's-his-name running with Hoover—.

There had been a great big barbecue pit in the center of La Follette Park down by the river, tended by women in grass skirts and men wearing loud shirts covered with birds and tropical foliage.

I'd like to vote for La Follette, but they didn't have sense enough to nominate him.

That idea had flopped because neither Governor Nash of Ohio nor Governor La Follette of Wisconsin could agree on what American of German descent would command the Legion.

A section of the country that nurtured Battling Bob La Follette, John Peter Altgeld, Eugene Debs, even produced nuts like Ignatius Donnelly, can’.