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I liked Stires, who had no social standing, even on Naapu, and disliked Follet, who had all the standing there was.

But, strictly speaking, I could have gone home if I had chosen, and I more than suspected that Follet could not have.

And because Follet and I were both in what Naapu would have called its best circles, I never talked about Follet, though I liked him no better than Stires did.

I saw Lockerbie scowl, and Follet wince, and some of the others stare.

On my word, as I saw Follet curving his spinal column, and Schneider lighting up his face with his perfect teeth, I thought with an immense admiration of the unpolished and loose-hung Stires amid the eternal smell of tar and dust.

Then I stopped, for Follet was hardly himself, nor did I like the look of myself as a common scold.

I think his worst time was that hour after Follet had followed Ching Po out of his warehouse.

As she had opened the town of Porto Ferrajo several minutes before she was herself seen from the Feu Follet, an ensign was hanging from the end of her gaff, though there was not sufficient air to open its folds, in a way to let the national character of the stranger be known.

Frank Follet crumpled the piece of paper and threw it across the room.

Questioned by Follet, the young lieutenant had reported that the image was that of a Soviet trawler.

Colonel Follet long to realize that this was a golden opportunity to flex his muscles and impress some people.

But the literary follet, who delights in mild mischief, did not haunt Murray.

I could almost reconstruct the ignoble pidgin-splutter in which Ching Po had told Stires, and was even now telling Follet.