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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dense foliage (=leaves of a plant or tree)
▪ a thick bushy plant with dense foliage
▪ Spider riders can move easily through woods and forests, scuttling over the treetops and through the dense foliage.
▪ Whether clipped into shape or left natural, barberry is a formidable barrier thanks to its dense foliage and profusion of thorns.
▪ Though the trees and the undergrowth had been cut back, branches and dense foliage stooped overhead.
▪ In the dense foliage around us I heard the mortars crashing heavily, shaking the air, searching for us.
▪ The lane between Somersby and Harrington is very harrow and, in summertime, shaded by dark green foliage.
▪ A prolific plant with dense bushy stems bearing whorls of dark green foliage.
▪ Bold clumps of fresh green arrow-shaped foliage and symmetrical spires of snow-white flowers.
▪ Coppery blooms and pale green foliage.
▪ Nitrogen shortage normally shows out as small, sickly, pale green foliage.
▪ The trees were now heavy with dark green foliage.
▪ Olive green foliage, rose-pink panicles of flowers.
▪ Pure white flowers like tiny sails amidst a sea of dark green glossy foliage.
▪ For something really different, try a whole bed of foliage plants.
▪ Mix different kinds of foliage plants to create a design, as you would with flowering plants.
▪ Or you could plant blocks of distinct colours, divided by a neutral foliage plant.
▪ For a year-round foliage plant a variegated Persian ivy.
▪ A hare squats amongst foliage, in a scene which is enclosed by a roundel supported by two conventionally interlaced guilloche squares.
▪ Here the doves soared up to a tree through whose foliage came a bright yellow gleam.
▪ It is almost completely obscured by the tree which surrounds it and hides the light under its foliage.
▪ Presently, there was a lightening of foliage and I thought, almost disappointedly, all that panic for nothing.
▪ They have bloomed well, but now the foliage is yellowing and they need pruning.
▪ To listen to bird-songs, and identify foliage.
▪ You should find that with regular watering and feeding until the foliage dies down naturally the situation will improve next year.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Foliage \Fo"li*age\, v. t. To adorn with foliage or the imitation of foliage; to form into the representation of leaves. [R.]


Foliage \Fo"li*age\, n. [OF. foillage, fueillage, F. feuillage, fr. OF. foille, fueille, fueil, F. feulle, leaf, L. folium. See 3d Foil, and cf. Foliation, Filemot.]

  1. Leaves, collectively, as produced or arranged by nature; leafage; as, a tree or forest of beautiful foliage.

  2. A cluster of leaves, flowers, and branches; especially, the representation of leaves, flowers, and branches, in architecture, intended to ornament and enrich capitals, friezes, pediments, etc.

    Foliage plant (Bot.), any plant cultivated for the beauty of its leaves, as many kinds of Begonia and Coleus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "representation of leaves or branches" (as an ornamental design), from Middle French feuillage, from Old French feuille "leaf, foliage" (see foil (n.)). The form has altered 17c. by influence of Latin folium or its derivatives in English.


n. 1 The leaves of plants. 2 (lb en short for) fall foliage. 3 An architectural ornament representing foliage.

  1. n. the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants [syn: leaf, leafage]

  2. (architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament [syn: foliation]

Usage examples of "foliage".

But certain it is that Netherlandish illumination, in its border foliages, after the taste for the larger vine and acanthus leaf had superseded the ivy, the drawing is studiously sculpturesque.

Not understanding what she meant, he took the candle in order to find out, and in the midst of the foliage lit up from below he saw old Amable hanging high up with a stable-halter round his neck.

Now the iron beast, consuming its ration of coal, is really browsing the ancient foliage of arborescent ferns in which solar energy has accumulated.

As far as the eye could reach the bushveld rolled its scrub like the scrawled foliage a child draws on a slate, with here and there a baobab swimming unsteadily in the glare.

As they neared the bivouac area, black men in rags could be seen in the bush, the early dawn light shafting through the dense foliage, intermittently reflecting off the barrels of their weapons.

A dozen children waited patiently while Booce and Ryllin nested themselves in foliage.

Rather and Booce were moving things inside: two smoked turkeys, a huge amount of foliage, water pods.

Striking through the foliage of the yews and hollies, it spread upon the path and upon the paved space of the Bosquet, a flowered carpet in which the flowers were moonlight upon a groundwork of shadow.

I see a quantity of chairs for hire at the rate of one sou, men reading the newspaper under the shade of the trees, girls and men breakfasting either alone or in company, waiters who were rapidly going up and down a narrow staircase hidden under the foliage.

The harsh, angular contours of the metal had been visually softened by irregular areas of paint and the attachment of artificial foliage, Cha Thrat saw as she swam around it, no doubt to make it resemble the vegetation of the home world.

The King received us in a lightly furnished reception room, which had a dado with sinuous tendrils of foliage, its colouring and form exactly like one at the Marcellinus villa.

The tyrannosaur was trying to break through the foliage, and the dilos hooted and stomped their feet in the mud.

Sometimes they are, in the different species, long or short, leafy, branched, dense, arched, and divaricate, but, although at any time when their fresh foliage is upon them, and when they are so close together that the eye can take them all in at a glance, their distinctions are fairly clear, autumn is the time to see them in their most definite and beautiful form.

The water hyacinths formed an outer ring around the tattered shoreline, their bobbing heads a deeper purple than the water, their foliage the same deep green as the duckweed that grew between them, giving the appearance that the flowers grew on solid ground.

Van Duyn, standing on the extreme left of the company as Katya clapped her hands and cheered, was first to catch a glimpse of a brown blur breaking from the foliage on his left.