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The acronym FOL may mean:

  • Folio (printing), has three confusingly similar meanings in the world of books and printing
  • FOL (song), a song by The Smashing Pumpkins which stands for "Feel Our Love"
  • Partido Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 Di Mei (Party Workers' Liberation Front 30th of May)
  • Fountain of Life, Christian iconography symbol associated with baptism
  • First-order logic, a formal deductive system used by mathematicians, philosophers, linguists, and computer scientists
  • Flavor of Love, an American reality television dating game show starring Flavor Flav
  • Friends of Lulu, an American organization to promote comic books to women, and comic books by women
FOL (song)

"FOL" is a song by The Smashing Pumpkins, written and recorded during the sessions for their 2007 album Zeitgeist and used for a Hyundai commercial during Super Bowl XLIII. The acronym (being the song title) stands for "Feel Our Love".

The song was first announced by Hyundai for their newest commercial during the Super Bowl, debuting on February 1, in which Billy Corgan mixed Hyundai clips going to the beat of the song. On that same day, the song was released as a free download from the Hyundai website.

It was the theme song for TNA Wrestling's premiere event of the year, Bound for Glory 2010.

Usage examples of "fol".

On that happy occasion of the beginning of growth that would culminate six months later with Samhain, the end of harvest, Partha mac Othna shared words, and kisses, and much more with Aine ingin Fol, merchant of Ailenn, and they snuggled and murmured their love.

Maletur we have the suggestion of the Burgomaster Witsen, in his Noord en Oost Tartarye, fol.

Well, I must have stood fol some minutes in front of Deiphobe, shivering and making propitiatory grimaces-it seemed a lifetime.

Al margine della proprietà, una folta linea di alberi delimitava il corso dell'Anora.

I came upon you here in Hasu Vale—I had been making camp in this very cave the night before—and fol lowed you and that pair up into the hills.

Il cappuccio era scivolato giù e la sua folta capigliatura era come bloccata in una illusionisti­ca libera caduta.

There were 11,000 verses to this song--the chorus being "Tural lural dural, ri fol day"--which was repeated twice at the end of each verse--making--as you will at once see--the appalling number of 22,000 "tural lural dural, ri fol days"--and the man still lives.

Venetia, 1550, fol. 76, verso) and Marmol, (Description de l'Afrique, tom.

I try 2 fink how far up I woz & how long itz goan 2 taik me 2 fol 2 thi botim, if its thi botim thats goan 2 brake ma fol.