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Fok or FOK may refer to:

Usage examples of "fok".

He had me in a capsule and on my way with Fok and Tri before the boarding parties had assembled at the larval combs.

To his surprise, Fok was waiting and rubbed its silky furred arm up and down his in affectionate greeting.

GREY IS A VERY GOOD COLOR, Fok said, surprising the three Humans by entering the conversation.

Gil lost its favorite belt and when that was found, Kat started drinking bowls of water until Fok stopped that, and hauled Kat off to drain.

Pig and Dzl, were at first speechless: then crept close, not to Zara, but to Fok and Tri to be comforted.

Along with Fok the Turner he was listening to Kraymon the wandering man-mountain tell his increasingly slurred tales of the mysterious outlands.

Denhagel and Fok were lost to sight, carried on up the steps by the violent confusion.

They spotted Denhagel just behind the lines of Killers and elbowed their way toward him, There was no sign of Fok, however.

The Zilla brothers, Denhagel and his wife, Fok the Turner, Raif the Fireeater, the Perforated Woman, and all the others who were gone forever.

Never, moreover, would Tsung Fok summon, by flags, any passing steamer for machine-shop help or engine parts.

Not drawin nigh to fok, wi' kindness and patience an cheery ways, that so draws nigh to one another in their monny trobles, and so cherishes one another in their distresses wi' what they need themseln - like, I humbly believe, as no people the genelman ha seen in aw his travels can beat - will never do 't till th' Sun turns t' ice.