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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Foh \Foh\, interj. [Cf. Faugh.] An exclamation of abhorrence or contempt; poh; fie.


interj. An exclamation of abhorrence or contempt.


FOH may refer to:

  • Federal Occupational Health, a department of the government of the United States
  • The Fires of Heaven, a novel by Robert Jordan
  • First-order hold
  • Force of Habit, a Canadian skate-punk band
  • Forest Hill railway station, in London
  • Formula One Holdings, a motorsport promotion company
  • Fortress Hill Station, in Hong Kong
  • Frederick's of Hollywood, an American lingerie retailer
  • Friends of Humanity, a fictional organization in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Front of House, of a performance venue
  • Front of House (magazine), a live audio trade journal
  • Victor Bockarie Foh (born 1946), Sierra Leonean politician

Usage examples of "foh".

Also, Foh, our son loves him, and he loves Foh, and with his help I have fashioned new laws which shall make life good for all the tribe.

CHAPTER XVI THE AUROCHS AND THE STAR On the second morning Wi, who had made all things ready to his hand, rose while it was still dark, kissed Foh, who lay fast asleep at his side, and slipped from the cave, taking with him three spears and the bone-hafted ax of iron that Pag had made and fashioned, the same with which he had slain Henga.

Lastly, by way of dessert, Wi chewed a lump of sun-dried stockfish upon which no modern teeth could have made a mark for it was as hard as stone, and by way of a savoury a handful or so of prawns that Foh had caught among the rocks and Aaka had cooked in the ashes.