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Fogo (Portuguese for fire) may refer to:

  • Fogo, Cape Verde
    • Mount Fogo
  • Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Fogo Aerodrome
  • Fogo, Scottish Borders, a village in Berwickshire, Scotland
    • Fogo Priory, a religious house of the above settlement
    • Prior of Fogo
  • Fogo Seamounts, Canada
  • Gordon Fogo (1896–1952), Canadian lawyer and senator
  • William M. Fogo (1841-1903), American politician
  • Fogo (film), a 2012 film
Fogo (film)

Fogo is a 2012 Canadian-Mexican drama film directed by Yulene Olaizola. The film was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Usage examples of "fogo".

I partly surmise also, that this wicked charge against whalers may be likewise imputed to the existence on the coast of Greenland, in former times, of a Dutch village called Schmerenburgh or Smeerenberg, which latter name is the one used by the learned Fogo Von Slack, in his great work on Smells, a text-book on that subject.

Tom Owen and his assistant, Fogo, with the help of the ring-keepers, plucked up the stakes and ropes, and carried them off across country.

Tom Owen and his singular assistant, Fogo, who combined the functions of prize-fighter and of poet, though, fortunately for himself, he could use his fists better than his pen, soon had the ring arranged according to the rules then in vogue.

Tatziu, eu, Rosa e Josias, vendo o resto do fogo acabar de liquidar o cafezal.

As we stood in, we saw Fogo, which is a little to the south of west and some twenty leagues from here, sending up a fine cloud of smoke.

Leopard being close-hauled to weather Fogo, even those muted notes were borne away by the wind.

He approached a fisherman from Fogo, one William Cull, and sent him off to make friends with the Beothuks.

Cape de Verde islands, one of which, called Fogo, seemed of a prodigious height.