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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Fog bank

Fog \Fog\ (f[o^]g), n. [Dan. sneefog snow falling thick, drift of snow, driving snow, cf. Icel. fok spray, snowdrift, fj[=u]k snowstorm, fj[=u]ka to drift.]

  1. Watery vapor condensed in the lower part of the atmosphere and disturbing its transparency. It differs from cloud only in being near the ground, and from mist in not approaching so nearly to fine rain. See Cloud.

  2. A state of mental confusion.

  3. (Photog.) Cloudiness or partial opacity of those parts of a developed film or a photograph which should be clear.

    Fog alarm, Fog bell, Fog horn, etc., a bell, horn, whistle or other contrivance that sounds an alarm, often automatically, near places of danger where visible signals would be hidden in thick weather.

    Fog bank, a mass of fog resting upon the sea, and resembling distant land.

    Fog ring, a bank of fog arranged in a circular form, -- often seen on the coast of Newfoundland.

Fog bank

Fog bank may refer to:

  • Fog, water droplets suspended in air, especially when localized
  • FOGBANK, a code name given to a material used in nuclear weapons

Usage examples of "fog bank".

The upper portions of the tree disappeared into a low-hanging fog bank.

After a time they went back up the slope, walking through the fog bank, which moved to follow them.

In a little time they and the fog bank disappeared over the crest of the slope and did not reappear.

They'll try to protect this fog bank even after all chance of maintaining it has gone.

If the Grolims can build up a good fog bank, we'll have the whole stinking Mallorean army on top of us before we can even see them coming.

As he felt for the paddle, his boat floated out of the fog bank he had not even known was there, and the city lights abruptly blazed up before him like God's own chandelier.

Wisps of mist, like outriders to the fog bank, still drifted above the flat, marshy landscape over which the road was carried on an embankment shored by plaited hurdles.

Beyond the harbor mouth there was a low fog bank, where the sea merged imperceptibly with sky.

I lifted my chin up and stretched my neck to ease the cough, and as I looked up I had the sensation I could actually see the thickness of the fog bank.

As they ascended through the uppermost reaches of the fog bank, the sun returned, warming their damp bodies.

When they were separated by less than two miles a low fog bank drifted across their path.

There was a good-sized craft hunkering a mile or so away, but we lost it in the fog bank.