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FMV may refer to:

  • FMV (catamaran), a vessel that was sailed across the Atlantic ocean in 1981
  • Fig mosaic virus found in Mission figs and other cultivars
  • Full motion video, video sequences in computer games and video games
    • FMV games, a video game genre that features cinematic, full-motion video presentation and heavy use of scripting
  • Fair market value, an estimate of the market value of a property
  • For Maximum Value (previously Fred Meyer Value), Kroger supermarkets' store brand
  • Fujitsu Multimedia Vision, a personal computer produced by Fujitsu
  • F√∂rsvarets materielverk, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
FMV (catamaran)

FMV was a 60-foot waterline length catamaran that was sailed across the Atlantic ocean in 1981.