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FMN may refer to:

  • Flavin mononucleotide
  • Ministry of Defence (Denmark), the Danish Ministry of Defence
  • FMN, the airport code for the Four Corners Regional Airport outside Farmington, New Mexico
  • Frequency Modulation Narrow, FM
FMN (Channel)
"Vision 2" redirects here. For the Kodak film stock, see List of motion picture film stocks.

FMN, abbreviated from Forget Me Not, is a 24 hours teledrama channel, the first one in Indonesia, formerly known as Vision 2 Drama or Televiva. The channel was launched in 2005, and broadcast by Indovision and Okevision. All programs are dubbed in Indonesian. Originally, the channel shows teledramas from Asia, Latin America, Korea and Taiwan, however, after rebranding as FMN, the channel now focuses on showing Latin American and Turkish teledramas.