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n. (plural of flume English)

Usage examples of "flumes".

Now there were short flumes of rain they decided to stay in Leeuwarden for the rest of the day, and in spite of the worsening weather, they prowled happily up and down the narrow lanes, looking at the old, small houses, while Aede pointed out their architectural points, and when Harriet at length had had her fill, they strolled in and out of the shops, where she bought presents to take home--silver teaspoons and Makkum pottery, and tobacco for her father.

There was wind, too, irregular flumes of draught that splattered limestone-tasting water in his face.

He thought of the flumes of a plains fire, whipping up against the harsh white snow.

That water flies so hard you could kill a regiment of Yankees with that hose, except it takes a regiment to build all the flumes and dams, and not even the Yankees are stupid enough to stand still while you construct it.

The two creatures were at a division in the metallic gorge where two narrow flumes diverged, making motions to go right.