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n. 1 (plural of flue English) 2 (cx obsolete English) Bits of down.

Usage examples of "flues".

Up and up the dreadful threat would fly, booming and echoing through all the narrow, dark and twisty flues, until it found out Barnacle, exactly as Mister Roberts had divined, squatting in some sooty nook and, if there was room enough to move his arms, a-picking of his nose.

He divined he was approaching a coming together of God knew how many flues rising up from God knew how many fireplaces, for 10 the house he was crawling about in, like an earwig, was a real monster, big as Parliament, almost.

The hose was used to suck dirt and soot from the chimney flues of manufacturing plants that burned soft coal in their busy furnaces.

It authorized the tank truck to suck the accumulated soot and dirt from the furnace flues of the Copley powerhouse.

Although he displayed a remarkable aptitude for shinnying up and down chimney flues, he was too easily exhausted.

The hot gases are then drawn through the mass being fired, escaping to the chimney through flues in the floor of the kiln.

Instead of having flues under the floor, the flue opening is opposite the fire, and placed low in the wall.

The smallest wind stroked over his aching nostrils as over the flues of a white-hot chimney.

Guardian the farce of how the rich had their flues reconstructed, solely, they said, to provide working ease and comfort for the cleaning boys.

Sixteen years of motherhood, of nursing fevers and flues, chicken pox and measles, fractures and stitches, kicked into high gear.

Most of them have a huge chimney in the centre, with flues so vast that it must have been easy for the witches to fly out of them as they were wont to do, when bound on an aerial visit to the Black Man in the forest.