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n. (plural of floe English)

Usage examples of "floes".

A violent storm took the Gauss by surprise, collected a mass of icebergs around her, and filled up the intervening space with floes, so that there could be no question of making any way.

In the course of January 6 a change took place, the floes became narrower and the leads broader.

Next morning we returned, and after the lapse of a few hours the floes within the bay began to move.

Outside the pack-ice proper lie long streams of floes and loose scattered lumps, which become more frequent as one nears the pack.

The floes lay close together, and we could see how one floe fitted into the other.

From here to the Bay of Whales we saw a few scattered streams of floes and some icebergs.

The Japanese were occupied most of the night in going round among the floes and picking up men, dogs, cases, and so on, as they had put a good deal on to the ice in the course of the day.

The ambient temperature had declined each time they had emerged, until now occasional ice floes could be seen bobbing in the water.

Already they had sailed out of the region of icebergs and floes, and the ocean was calm.

They flew over the wide strip of ice floes that separated the Trogite Empire from the southern coast of the Land of Dhrall, and Veltan considered that barrier as his thunderbolt carried him over it.

Some freakish ocean current just opened a channel through the ice floes, and if we hurry, we should be able to get through before it closes up again.

Ice floes grinding together drowned out the happy clatter of the puffins.

I made long dog-sledge trips across the mighty ice floes with Lasca--that was her name--and found her company always pleasant and her conversation agreeable.