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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Flo \Flo\ (fl[=o]), n.; pl. Flon (fl[=o]n). [AS. fl[=a], fl[=a]n.] An arrow. [Obs.]


FLO or Flo may refer to:

  • in Florence, South Carolina:
    • Florence Regional Airport
    • Florence (Amtrak station)
  • Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International
  • Flo, an American comedy television series
  • "Flo", nickname of LB1, a Homo floresiensis fossil
  • Flo, a chimpanzee that was featured in several books and documentaries
  • FLO TV (Forward Link Only) mobile video
  • Family Liaison Officer
  • Flo, Norway, a village in Stryn, Norway
  • Flo Parish, Sweden, a village in Sweden
  • Nexus 7 (2013), an Android tablet by Google under the codename flo.
Flo (Progressive)

Flo is a fictional salesperson character appearing in more than 100 commercials for Progressive Insurance, beginning in 2008. Portrayed by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, the character has developed a fan base on social networks and has become an iconic advertising mascot.

Usage examples of "flo".

They had dinner that night at a steakhouse in Corban where they were the only customers and the waitress looked like Flo from the old TV series Alice.

Flo to assist her through the nausea with a panada of Flour or breadcrumbs and water with stock made into a paste, for weak stomach.

Arkwright, or Maud, or Flo Aplin, or any of these MayFlower braggers begin to hold forth?

Flo had the house to herself for a few more hours, until the Sprugs arrived.

Flo as a foil, and try to bushwack me was something I could not quite conceive.

The overall lighting was dim, enhancing the startling vividness of the centerpiece with its bank of flo less-than xllights and dramatic single searchlight, which gave the tree and its upper branches a peculiar flatness against the night sky.

Immediately every sickroom bottle that Floren had touched was analyzed.

Nor had the face that appeared at the door before Flo could touch the bell, the face that frowned mistrustingly at her explanations before peering past her at the motor.

Arkwright, or Maud, or Flo Aplin, or any of these MayFlower braggers begin to hold forth?

This Phebus gan aweyward for to wryen, And thoughte his sorweful herte brast atwo, His bowe he bente and sette ther inne a flo, And in his ire his wyf thanne hath he slayn.

In the other vehicle, which was placed foremost on the trucks, there were Colonel Charras, Generals Bedeau and Le Flo, and Count Roger (du Nord).

The 7th Corps, commanded by General Douay, only possessed two divisions--Dumont's division and Gilbert's division--and formed the other battle front, covering the army of Givonne to Floing on the side of Illy.

Mom said that Granpa and Gramma quit the Congregational Church in Scarborough at the same time Gramma decided to quit teaching, but once, about a year ago, when Aunt Flo was up for a visit from her home in Salt Lake City, George and Buddy, listening at the register as Mom and her sister sat up late, talking, heard quite a different story.

Mom sat next to Flo Reitz, a friend from the newspaper, somebody I'd called Aunt Flo since I was six, who was covering the funeral for the paperwho had, in fact, been covering the whole story of my murder.

Oliphant's house (Aunt Polly's sister) Aunt Flo Oliphant came out on the porch and waved her handkerchief at the merry party.