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FLM can refer to:

  • F.L.M. (album), 1987 album by Mel and Kim
  • F.L.M. (song), title track of above
  • Focal Length Multiplier, the ratio of the image sensor format size of a camera compared to a reference format, which is also called Crop factor.
  • Fan Lanmao, a group reproving the Chinese cartoon 3000 Whys of Blue Cat and its lead role Blue Cat / Lan Mao
  • Flora London Marathon
  • Acronym for Formula Le Mans
  • Macina Liberation Front (French: Force de libĂ©ration du Macina)
  • Front Line Maintenance
  • .FLM file extension:
    • the project format for FL Studio Mobile
    • a file container for an image sequence as a filmstrip, by Adobe Systems