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n. (plural of flirt English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: flirt)

Usage examples of "flirts".

The only women who had previously interested him were the well-born flirts, with whom it was amusing to dally, and the barques of frailty with whom he enjoyed more intimate relations.

From behind came the squeals and chirrups of the flirts as the trailer rocked over the irregularities in the field.

Even the flirts, huddled in a terrified heap on the floor of their cage, were soundless.

He screamed something again but his own fire was too high, blue-green droplets against the clear sky, and the guerrillas had grabbed the bars while the flirts jumped and blatted.

The flirts had been torn apart by their own fluids, some pieces flung through gaps in the mangled cage.

From behind came the squeals and chirrups of the flirts as the trailer rocked over the irreg­ularities in the field.

It's Tiffany he flirts with, which, of course, he oughtn't to do, but, lord, they all do it, even the Squire, and you can't blame them, so pretty and saucy as she is!

Come to think of it, all his flirts were married women of the world, well up to snuff.

Lady Jersey suspected that when his flirts (to put it no higher) were to be seen squired by other men it was because he had grown, bored with them, and neglectful.

It was not at all the sort of smile with which his lordship beguiled his flirts, but something warmer and more intimate.

Like the runs, they started with twenty flirts the first day, and were increased ten flirts every day until they reached a hundred.

A record sheet was kept on a clipboard beside each coop, and I filled in the cock's weight, number of runs, flirts, flies, and made a note of his color.

If they could count, they would have resented the daily raising of the number of flirts and runs we gave them.

By five thirty, we were ready to start the conditioning all over again—the feeding, weighing, flies, flirts, runs and recording.