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n. (plural of fling English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fling)

Usage examples of "flings".

Bonaparte As he with other figures foots his reel, Until he twitch him into his lonely grave: Also regard the frail ones that his flings Have made gyrate like animalcula In tepid pools.

PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE All blessings at their goodliest will grace The advent of this New Messiah, sire, Of fairer prospects than the former one, Whose coming at so apt an hour endues The widening glory of your high exploits With permanence, and flings the dimness far That cloaked the future of our chronicle!

She spasmodically flings her arms over her son and daughter, lets them fall, and becomes unconscious.

Highland flings and Irish step-dances on a raised wooden platform like a boxing ring, the music provided by a wind-up gramophone.