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n. ''(obsolete except in dialects)'' a butterfly

Usage examples of "flinder".

And so it remained, out of sight and out of mind, until the beginning of the twentieth century, when the archaeologists Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray began excavations.

Sprigg was a young assistant government geologist for the state of South Australia when he was sent to make a survey of abandoned mines in the Ediacaran Hills of the Flinders Range, an expanse of baking outback some three hundred miles north of Adelaide.

After leaving geology he founded a successful oil company and eventually retired to an estate in his beloved Flinders Range, where he created a wildlife reserve.

Rock, get Flinders to the hatch so you can get him out of here as soon as the hatch opens.

Pete Gillooly came out to feed his dog, and Flinders had to go and be vicious while Jan lay low, not to reveal his dark secret.

I rummaged and rooted and pried, feeling as Flinders Petrie may have felt when he thrust his first torch into his first Egyptian burial chamber.

There were not two spoonfuls of modesty in Annie Flinders, even measuring her on one of her sweet days.

Miss Angelica Carstair-Flinders to plain Annie Flinders to make people think she was vigorous and two-fisted and entitled to get around and see a war.

Annie Flinders was in the Philippines, was an artiste, was a thwarted excitement-lover, and hence the sort of a person who would become quite excited when she saw Clark Savage, Jr.

Annie Flinders sped at once to the Hotel Northern, which had been destroyed by the Japs and already rebuilt by the industrious Filipinos, and where, in the course of her shadowing, she had learned Doc Savage was staying.

I asked, or whether it was the interest I showed in that girl, Annie Flinders, or whether it was something else.

In the darkened atmosphere of the Flinders Lane office, Sir Matthew knew how to turn these colourless unwinking orbs to account.

Underlying all considerations of shorthorns and merinos was the recollection of a timid foreign lad to be suspected for his shy, bewildered air--to be suspected again for his slim white hands--to be doubly suspected and utterly condemned for his graceful bearing, his appealing eyes, that even now Sir Matthew could see with their soft lashes drooping over them as he fronted them in his darkened office in Flinders Lane.

Would they shine mournfully out of the dim recesses of his gloomy office in Flinders Lane, as they shone here in the wild bush on all sides of him?

Leaving the Far West behind us, we struck out towards the North-East, in the direction of the Flinders River.