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Flim may refer to:

  • FLIM, Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy
  • Flims, a municipality in Switzerland
  • "Flim", the second track on Aphex Twin's 1997 EP " Come to Daddy"

Usage examples of "flim".

Flim might look like Thrawn, but he had all the tactical genius of a garbage-pit parasite.

Karl says, tossing the tablet onto the desk where it caroms off a stack of books, "spare me the flim flam nobility, the shtick about the tireless search for truth.

Flim flam's spilling his guts: His Highness has rather an ex tensive operation--child labor in his rice paddies and mines, child prostitution, and a child farm where the healthiest are kept that way until someone can pay for the organ they need.