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n. (plural of flight English)


Flights are an English alternative/progressive rock band formed in May 2010 in Bristol. The band comprises Joel Pearce on vocals/guitars, Joe Newcombe on guitars/vocals, Dean Bowden on bass/vocals and Adam Cann on drums.

In describing their music, Cann has said "We’ve fallen into progressive rock – soundscapy too I think.” Flights cite their primary influences as Oceansize, Radiohead, Reuben and Yourcodenameis:milo. Flights have also described their style as "Some big guitars, some pretty guitars, irregular time signatures, harmonised vocals and a whole lotta groove."

Flights (rotary dryer)

Flights, also commonly referred to as “lifters,” are used in rotary dryers and rotary coolers to shower material through the process gas stream. Affixed to the interior of the rotary drum, these fin-like structures scoop up material from the bed and shower it through the gas stream as the drum rotates.

This showering creates a curtain of material spanning the width of the rotary dryer or cooler, helping to maximize the efficiency of heat transfer.

Depending on the needs of the material and the process, flights are engineered in a variety of designs and placement patterns in order to create a maximum efficiency curtain, while still retaining the integrity of the product.

Usage examples of "flights".

Our first test flights will run to near Mach one with a cowling replacing the hydrogen engine.

The bill proposed that a ten dollar per passenger surcharge be levied on all domestic flights, and twenty dollars on all international flights.

In the past few years most airlines in America had reduced the number of flights made each day in order to get the maximum use out of their equipment, so most U.

If this was one of the flights they were going to bring down, no breakfast would be served.

He was sure he was being followed at Narita, so at the last possible moment he had switched flights from Seattle to London.

McGarvey drove down to Richmond, where he returned his rental car to the agency and checked on flights to Eugene.

Operations for Air Force One and Two and other governmental VIP flights were conducted out of Andrews Air Force Base by the 89th Military Airlift Wing.

Unlike the earlier flights, the Flight 77 hijackers were reported by a passenger to have box cutters.

He ordered all American Airlines flights in the Northeast that had not taken off to remain on the ground.

Three of the flights had actually taken off within 10 to 15 minutes of their planned departure times.

Because Ballinger was still responsible for his other flights as well as Flight 175, his warning message was not transmitted to Flight 93 until 9:23.

He could have learned of this from messages being sent by United Airlines to the cockpits of its transcontinental flights, including Flight 93, warning of cockpit intrusion and telling of the New York attacks.

Khallad adds that the training involved using flight simulator com- puter games, viewing movies that featured hijackings, and reading flight schedules to determine which flights would be in the air at the same time in different parts of the world.

Kuala Lumpur clinic called Endolite, and Bin Ladin suggested that he use the opportunity to case flights as well.

Khallad and Abu Bara, went to Southeast Asia to case flights for the part of the operation that was supposed to unfold there.