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Flevans the stage name of Nigel Evans also known as Mooch. a British electronic musician and DJ. He was born on 28 January 1978 in Brighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom. He early started making music, in his beginnings by using a four track cassette recorder. Not long after, his innate knack for crafting irresistible hooks was noticed by Tru Thoughts, thanks to a demo created solely using the mentioned recorder and a 10-second sampler. The British label run by Robert Luis and Paul Jonas produced his first published works. Including Begin Again (12", Single) in 2002; Looking Out For Mr Bundle (12", EP) in 2003; and the his successful first album Make New Friends in 2004 which combines a fresh mix of disco and funk with cut and paste sampling sensibilities and infectious basslines. In 2007 Flevans released Cold Hands (12") and, in September of the same year his second album Unfabulous. Both works under the label Jack To Phono Records. After this album Flevans jumped to the next level. As a trained multi-instrumentalist he always had incorporated some of his own music in his albums. But it was not until 2009, after a short period playing bass for Brighton's band Backini one year before, when Flevans released his third album 27 Devils, again under Tru Thoughts label. 27 Devils is a totally free of samples album, in which Flevans swapped the vinyl, on which he had previously relied for samples and beats, for instrumental sound. In this album he even add some of his vocals on a couple of tracks. After this album, Flevans signed a new three album deal with his original producer label, Tru Thoughts. Product of this contract is his last album The 28th Devil released in 2009.