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Fleurette may refer to:

  • a small flower, in the French language
  • Fleurette (opera), an opera by American composer and conductor Emma Roberto Steiner (1856–1929)
  • a 1864 opera by Alsatian composer Viktor Nessler (1841–1890)
  • Fleurette Campeau (born 1941), a Canadian fencer
  • a type of Crème fraiche

Usage examples of "fleurette".

Visiting one day that quaint cathedral town, Vyones, which lies so near to the ancient wood of Averoigne, Gerard had seen Fleurette, the daughter of a well-to-do mercer named Guillaume Cochin.

At one side, looking very pale and forlorn and frightened, was Fleurette Cochin.

At the lower end reserved for retainers and inferiors, there sat the maid and the man-servant who had accompanied Fleurette to her rendezvous with Gerard.

He could only look at Fleurette, and read in her eyes a duplication of his own helpless bewilderment and nightmare thralldom.

And no sooner had Gerard left Fleurette than he began to curse himself for a poltroon because he had not refused to part from her side.

After hearing Raoul's tale of how Fleurette, Angelique, and himself had been led astray by the sobbing of a woman amid the pines, and had been unable to retrace their way, the troubadour changed the theme.

He knew, even before Fleurette began to speak, that the nocturnal experiences of the demoiselle and her maid had been identical with those of himself and the man-servant.