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Fleta is a treatise, written in Latin, with the sub-title seu Commentarius juris Anglicani, on the common law of England. The anonymous author of the book is sometimes referred to as "Fleta", although this is not in fact a person's name. The book acquired its common title because its preface contains a remark that it could be called "Fleta" as it was written in "Fleta": however, the meaning of this comment is unclear (see Authorship below).

From internal evidence, the work appears to have been written in the reign of Edward I, and to have been completed shortly after the year 1290.

Fleta (moth)

'Fleta ' is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Fleta (disambiguation)

Fleta is a medieval treatise on the common law of England.

Fleta may also refer to:

  • Fleet Prison (by its medieval Latin name)
  • Fleta (moth)
  • Fleta, California, the community in Kern County, California
  • Miguel Fleta (1897-1938), Spanish tenor
  • Ignacio Fleta y hijos, a renowned workshop for classical guitars in Barcelona