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Etymology 1 n. (cx dialectal English) The internal fat of a pig before it is melted into lard. Etymology 2

vb. (context nonstandard English) (en-past of: flee)

Usage examples of "fleed".

Instead of the dark features of Rokestone, Fleed eyed the overlarge face of Purvis Arnledge.

THIS conversation was taking place while Fleed and Arnledge ascended the stairs, the D.

WHEN Fleed again arrived on the twelfth floor, he found a group there.

Both men swung about when Fleed arrived, for each had guessed where the D.

Turning about, Fleed beckoned for Kedley to follow him to the penthouse.

His visible registration ended, Kedley became poker-faced as he joined Fleed and accompanied the D.

Hazily, Stephen Fleed was building conclusions that strengthened his belief that the case was murder.

CHAPTER VIII WORD FROM THE SHADOW ALL the while that Stephen Fleed had been in his office, a young man had been strolling about the lobby of the Ontranta Hotel, half a block down the main street.

The action was scarcely necessary, for Fleed turned out the light in his office and groped through the darkened hall to find the stairs.

He had entered here in time to hear the conversation between Fleed and Arnledge.

His examination proved that Fleed had been correct when he had said that pages typed on this machine would be easy to identify.

They brought the records to the desk, where Fleed stated that he would go through them.

He repeated the short conversation that Fleed had held with the old clerk.

Stephen Fleed had been busy with court cases, along with his investigation of three murders.

What right did you have, Fleed, to seize Shyvan and carry him away by force?