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n. (plural of flea English)

Fleas (The Good Wife)

"Fleas" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of the American legal drama television series The Good Wife. It originally aired on CBS in the United States on March 9, 2010. In the episode, the firm defends an attorney charged with murder for allegedly providing a witness list to his drug dealer client, which resulted in the death of a federal witness. Meanwhile, Peter grows jealous of Alicia's relationship with Will, and an anonymous Twitter user is making disparaging posts about Alicia.

The episode was written by Amanda Segel and directed by Rosemary Rodriguez. It marked the second in a string of guest appearances by Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, a cutthroat political operative several commentators said closely resembled White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Ana Gasteyer, a comedian best known from her work on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, also appears as Judge Patrice Lessner.

Usage examples of "fleas".

She climbed from the truck and managed to convince Fleas to get inside the cab of the pickup.

She went inside and waited for Fleas to follow before locking the door and putting the chain in place.

Her slut suit, as she had referred to it to Fleas, was way over the line, as was her wild hair.

She yanked the pillow aside as Fleas skittered beneath the tall bed, toenails clicking across the old plank floors.

She promised Muffin she would hurry before climbing from the truck, and gave Fleas a firm warning to stay put.

Jamie realized she had her head cocked to the side like Fleas did when she asked him if he had to take a leak.

She didn't know if he was more amazed at the amount of rust on the truck or the sight of Fleas in back.

She turned around and glanced at the bed of the truck where Fleas was sleeping.

Max yelled the word so loud that Fleas skittered beneath the kitchen table.

She was only vaguely aware that Fleas was standing beside the bed sniffing her hair.

She had not realized Fleas had followed her out, but he nudged her with his wet nose.

He paused long enough to let Fleas get into the back, and then opened the passenger door for Jamie.

Jamie said, thinking Fleas was probably smarter than her for not accepting from a man like Nick anything that would be ingested.

Nick said, although he didn't reach out and pet Fleas as he usually did.

The man called Rudy loaded Fleas and several pieces of luggage into the back.