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FLE may refer to:

  • Family life education
  • Flair Airlines
  • Fleet railway station
  • Football League of Europe
  • Four Lane Ends Interchange, of the Tyne and Wear Metro
  • Français langue étrangère, French as a foreign language
  • Frontal lobe epilepsy
  • FLE standard time; see Eastern European Time

Usage examples of "fle".

The EC chart is a matrix with intellection on one side and emotion on the other, flanked by self and fles scales.

I place intellection and emotion as definition opposites on one axis, and self and fles as impindor drives on the other axis.

What they have to learn is how it applies to what Frank calls the fles side of life.

Fleta adapted to the language fairly readily, and with some difficulty learned how to reshape her amoebic body.

Fleta played a merry ditty on her horn, theme and countertheme on the panpipes, as if the two of them had not a care in the frame.

He would not have known how well unicorns and human beings could get along together, after centuries of noninvolvement with each other, if he had not known Neysa and Fleta.

Fleta says, "si quis convictus fuerit de bonis viri robbatis vel asportatis ad sectam regis judicium capitale subibit.

Fleta made a desperate effort to protest, but all she could manage was a double note on her horn.

Unicorns had no literary education to draw upon, and indeed, it was sheer luck that Fleta was even literate.

As for who I be, as if thou dost not know: I am Fleta, thy companion of yore.

The girl chose the piano, and Fleta chose the syrinx: otherwise known as the panpipes, her natural instrument as a unicorn.

Indeed, Mach and Fleta learned to make frequent circuits just inside the barrier, to spot sea snails, starfish, small trilobites and sea scorpions that had fallen through and were dying in the dryness.