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n. (plural of flaw English)

Flaws (album)

Flaws is the second studio album by the British indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club, released on 9 July 2010 by Island Records. Unlike the band's previous releases, the album is entirely acoustic music, consisting of versions of their own tracks as well as cover versions of other artists. The album was produced in part by the guitarist Jamie MacColl's father, Neil MacColl, with recording taking place in February 2009 at The Church in Crouch End, London. The band started work on the album after completing their first album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose.

Flaws (song)

"Flaws" is a song by British band Bastille. It is the third single from their debut studio album Bad Blood. The song was the band's debut single; it was first released in 2011 through the independent label Young and Lost Club as a double A-side 7-inch single with their song "Icarus". The single was later re-released through Virgin Records as a digital download on 21 October 2012, featuring remixes and new B-side track "Durban Skies", peaking at number 21 on the UK Singles Chart on this occasion. "Flaws" was released for a third time on 3 March 2014, but did not improve upon its previous peak.

Usage examples of "flaws".

It is a much better work for their efforts, and any remaining flaws are mine alone.

Perhaps you can recall what I said to you about one of our biggest flaws as average human beings.

For all the flaws raging within her, and for all the twisted demands woven into her daughter, the Mhybe could notwould notspin webs of hate.

He breathed a sigh and cut into her stream of petty flaws, calling her his daughter and telling her that Christ understood and forgave, and giving her a penance of many prayers, so she would feel important.

And did not the little book Efanor had lent him speak of flaws and sins as one and the same?