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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
flatly contradicts
▪ The article flatly contradicts their claims.
flatly refuse (=in a firm and definite way)
▪ He flatly refused to tell me anything.
flatly reject (=in a firm and definite way)
▪ He flatly rejected the rebel’s demands.
flatly/categorically deny sth (=very definitely and directly)
▪ In the interview, he flatly denied that charge.
▪ It is also true that the two main Opposition parties have energy policies which are flatly contradicted by their environmental policies.
▪ Since the trauma of 1929, few people contest this need, although it flatly contradicts the tradition of economic liberalism.
▪ The allegation that there had been a military show of strength was flatly denied by Yakovlev on May 4.
▪ Many scientists flatly denied the possibility.
▪ No member of the family knew her exact age and whatever they might have guessed she would have denied flatly.
▪ This, indeed, is something which the average person will at first flatly deny.
▪ But Democrats flatly denied that the subcommittee already had unanimously agreed to recommend a reprimand.
▪ She had refused flatly to consider him as her groom, but the time of reckoning was at hand.
▪ Two districts, Arlington and Alexandria, flatly refused to tell him anything.
▪ Bernard says he flatly refuses to be done anywhere else.
▪ She proceeded to tell him a joke so corny that Uncle Billy would have flatly refused it for his own collection.
▪ She caused upset by demanding that her own bodyguards handle security arrangements during the ceremony, a request that was flatly refused.
▪ Then the Park District flatly refused to issue them a permit.
▪ Few of these grants were easily elicited, some were decidedly difficult to extract, and occasional demands were flatly refused.
▪ I flatly refuse to accept any contradictions on this point.
▪ FitzGerald flatly rejects this claim, but on this point her argument strikes me as thin.
▪ Peres brought the plan to Shamir, who flatly rejected it.
▪ He flatly rejected the pleas of Aung San to stand for election.
▪ The army has flatly rejected these findings.
▪ This would have to be their last telephone conversation, he said flatly.
▪ He said flatly that there was no chance of a reconciliation.
▪ He had spoken very flatly, making his introduction sound like a threat.
▪ It is also true that the two main Opposition parties have energy policies which are flatly contradicted by their environmental policies.
▪ When she had first proposed doing the piece, her bosses had flatly turned down her proposal.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Flatly \Flat"ly\, adv.

  1. In a flat manner; evenly; horizontally; without spirit; dully; frigidly.

    He that does the works of religion slowly, flatly, and without appetite.
    --Jer. Taylor.

  2. peremptorily; positively; plainly; forthrightly. ``He flatly refused his aid.''
    --Sir P. Sidney.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c. in a literal sense, from flat (adj.) + -ly (2). Meaning "in a plain manner" is from 1560s; sense of "in a dull manner" is from 1640s.


adv. 1 In a definite manner; in a manner showing complete certainty. 2 In a manner that shows no emotion


adv. in an unqualified manner; "he flatly denied the charges" [syn: categorically, unconditionally]

Usage examples of "flatly".

US headquarters, Bechtel issued a statement flatly denying the upheaval in Bolivia had anything to do with its water price hikes.

From its US headquarters, Bechtel issued a statement flatly denying the upheaval in Bolivia had anything to do with its water price hikes.

Say that Harcourt Biosciences flatly rejects the demands made by the Lazarus Movement.

He grinned, flatly because all this had stopped being funny, but broadly because he liked this one and did not want to hurt her any more than he had to to get free of her.

Durn flatly refused Lyeth his permission to book passage on an iceboat or engage one of her own.

If Madame Bontemps had glared at Rose when she saw her sitting beside January on the piano bench, she flatly refused to have the Kentuckian in the house at all.

I positively, flatly, definitely, and finally refuse rpt REFUSE to obey any order, directive, proclamation or ukase that requires me or any of my organization to hold two dozen of the latest model delGrange suits in a state of futile lassitude while Terra hungers for ore.

In the morning the storm was still blowing as hard as ever, and Twana flatly refused to face it again.

They pushed it half into the water, but when they were ready to hitch Anastasia to it, the swan flatly refused.

I said the words deliberately flatly, and Ian Young relayed them the same way, but they reproduced in Boris the old high alarm.

It was agonizing for both of them now to think of a time when they would not be together, and there were times when Olivia flatly refused to do it.

The doctor wanted to take him to the hospital, but he flatly refused, and told Olivia he wanted to die at home.

A few ladies of the court remained, the rest having been sent to the protection of the eastern strongholds, but Eilonwy flatly refused to join them in their spinning and weaving chambers.

Esther was delighted with the idea, as she suspected that the one answer would flatly contradict the other, and M.

Irish shoe and leather workers joined Yankees in flatly rejecting the myth of success.