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Flå is a municipality in Buskerud county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Flå. The municipality of Flå was established when it was separated from the municipality of Nes on 1 January 1905. The municipality lies at the most southeasterly point in the valley and traditional region of Hallingdal.


FLA may refer to:

Usage examples of "fla".

Mutant Flas to the Foraging Unit, and notify them that he will essay the egg harvesting, snird division.

We walked up to the house together by the way you and I went flae other day.

Warm Springs agreed with Roosevelt, and flae improvement in his condition seemed to whet his appetite for information about Georgia and the South.

FLA was innocent and that another group, the Sandmen, were actually responsible.

Apparently the Sandmen were ready to take any opportunity to reduce the numbers of the FLA, even to killing ex-members of the organization.

And then from every s now and glacier-crowned peak, from minaret and pinnacle and towering turret, le aped for t h a confusion of soft peacock fla m es, a host of irised pris m atic gleamings, an ordered chaos of rainbows.

No matter how comfortable a society became, no matter how fair, no matter how nearly perfect, there was always someone who wanted flas to pick at.