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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A pair to fit wellies which reach right up to the knee cost a penny short of a fiver.
▪ He'd got two fivers left, then.
▪ He laid out a fiver - and went home counting the cash after Dowie scored twice.
▪ Homeless and down to a fiver.
▪ It cost less than a fiver a head - and there wasn't a plate broken all night!
▪ That usually works out at about a fiver a flourish.
▪ The illustrated catalogue costs a fiver, which will get two people into the event.
▪ When I opened it I found neat bundles of fivers, each one with a Bank of Berlin band around it.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1843, "five-pound note," from five + -er.


n. 1 (context slang English) A banknote with a value of five units of currency. 2 By extension: the value in money that this represents. 3 A clenched fist. 4 A mathematical puzzle played on a 5 × 5 grid. 5 (context Islam English) A Zaydi Shiite Muslim, who disagrees with the majority of Shiites on the identity of the Fifth Imam. 6 (context religion English) A person who gives five percent of their income or five hours a week of their time to charity (a reduction of ten percent tithing).


n. a United States bill worth 5 dollars [syn: five-spot, five dollar bill]


Fiver may refer to:

  • A common slang term for:
    • An Australian five-dollar note
    • A British five-pound note
    • A five-euro note
    • A United States five-dollar bill
    • When a cricket bowler gets five wickets in a single inning
  • A fifth columnist or saboteur, in wartime slang
  • 5Star, a UK TV channel operated by Channel 5 formerly known as Fiver
  • Fiver (puzzle), a math game played on a 5x5 grid, distantly related to Conway's Game of Life
  • Fiver (Watership Down), a fictional rabbit in the Richard Adams novel Watership Down
  • The Fiver, a humorous daily football email by The Guardian newspaper
  • Fiverr, a global online marketplace for buying and selling services starting at $5
  • Zaidiyyah Shi'a Muslims, who disagree with the majority of Shi'a on the identity of the Fifth Imam

Usage examples of "fiver".

While the Fiver looked small in the company of the battle cruisers, even destroyers, she had the sleekness of a stellar racer combined with the toughness of a military craft.

Cuiva never told her grandam just how well she knew the Fiver, inside and out.

Caleb tried hard not to look smug, because he had no doubts himself that the Fiver would pass with flying colours.

Nimisha brought the Fiver out of warp space at precisely the coordinates she had designated in the Delta quadrant.

Petralloy was considered the best possible material to clad spacecraft and she had used the most advanced composition for the Fiver, but it could be dented and scraped.

Helm was almost a misnomer for the functions handled by that AI: It was not only guidance, but engineering, communications, navigation, defence, and science, as well as commissary for all the supplies on board the Fiver which were not for human consumption.

She knew what configuration of stars she should have seen from the Fiver at the position where the wormhole sucked her in.

Lady Nimisha, we need this Fiver in the same condition as the one she went out in.

She felt the thrum through the deck plates as the Fiver moved forward, gradually increasing speed sufficient to enter IS drive.

She watched the stars in the view screen begin to blur, counted down to herself to the translation into the IS speed mode, and braced herself just as the Fiver slid forward.

Pure enough to breathe, but slightly tainted with an unfamiliar smell, she thought as she stepped out of the Fiver and onto the thick grassoid surface covering.

She hoisted the supplies she had collectedfood, water, and some heavier weapons and exited the Fiver to the gig.

Nimisha said, leading the way to where the Fiver had touched down as delicately as a fashionable lady not wishing to sully her footwear on soil.

All three adults stopped as they took in the sleek lines of the Fiver and her scratched hull.

Erehwon, now that there was the Fiver, the other two habitable planets could be explored to see if one was less dangerous.