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num. (context nonstandard eye dialect English) fifty

Usage examples of "fitty".

He was known to everybody as Fitty Gunthorpe, but he was also known to be quite harmless and very fond of animals.

I went through one bay after the other, and it was when turning to make my way home again from the tree bay that I saw Fitty Gunthorpe.

I had been riveted to the ground at the sight of the nailed rabbit, so I was equally riveted now, for Fitty was looking at something in his hand.

As if coming out of a trance Fitty took his eyes from the bird and looked at me, then he dropped it on to the ground, so quickly that it seemed as if someone had shot it from his hand, and he nicked his hand twice as if to throw off contact with the poor thing.

Then Fitty Gunthorpe faded into the back of my mind and into his place came Don, and this for no other reason than my remembering his rough handling of Stinker the other morning and my reaction to it.

But briefly, the situation In the s tilde called Cicada Sector is this: The sector was first reached-but never more than partially explored tilde ver a hundred and fitty terran years ago.

Losing a starship from the fleets of three principalities In a single spatial sector to a sum total of six In a hundred fitty years was unusual, but not startling.

Scoraw took a girl named Fitty, a capricious lady who sang beautifully and led him a hell of a life, and produced a baby girl who died after one year.