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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fitt \Fitt\, n. See 2d Fit.


n. (alternative form of fit nodot=yes English) (section of a poem or ballad)


Fitt is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred B. Fitt (1923–1992), United States lawyer
  • Gerry Fitt (1926–2005), politician in Northern Ireland
  • Matthew Fitt, Lowland Scots/Lallans poet and novelist

Usage examples of "fitt".

Go back and tell Mistress Fitt I will draw up a new horoscope to replace the one she does not like.

Mistress Fitt got around the law by falsifying the amount of the loan.

Mistress Fitt had never hesitated to proceed against such deadbeats at the common law, or to settle out of court when she got a good offer.

I need names -- all those who defaulted on loans from Mistress Fitt and were about to be sued, and all those from whom she cozened larger penalties than she ought to have been due.

If Mistress Fitt had sued, Master Gamage would have learned what his wife had been up to.

Nor had anyone bothered to clean up the mess where Mistress Fitt had died.

Read from right to left, every word Mistress Fitt had written backwards made sense.

The first was that Mistress Fitt was not the only wadwife Hornsby had dealings with.

The possibility intrigued me, for I well remembered something Mistress Fitt had recently complained of.

David chose a young fellow who said his name was Fitt and who seemed to possess a more open and honest countenance than any of his companions.

The prisoner, Fitt, who was to accompany David and Ja, assured David that one fourth the quantity of supplies would be ample and that there were points along the route they might take where their water supply could be replenished and where game abounded, as well as native fruits, nuts and vegetables, but David would not cut down by a single ounce the supplies that he had decided upon.

As it chanced, the man to be detailed to watch them was Fitt, the fellow whom David had chosen to accompany him and Ja in their pursuit of the Korsar fleet, and Fitt, having become well acquainted with David and Ja and having experienced nothing but considerate treatment from them, was far from unfriendly, though, like the majority of all other Korsars, he was inclined to be savage and cruel.

As their excursions to various points outside the city of Korsar increased in number the watchfulness of Fitt relaxed, so that the three men occasionally found themselves alone together in some remote part of the back country.

By the order of The Cid, Fitt had furnished his three prisoners with ample funds in the money of Korsar that they might make necessary purchases in the prosecution of their Investigations and their experiments.

As they proceeded along the front of the barracks toward its opposite end their only fear was that Fitt might have returned from his interview with The Cid.