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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A roof keeps the rain out and the fitment of round tyres means the ride is smooth.
▪ A shower fitment on the bath taps facing the patient makes it easier for him to wash himself thoroughly.
▪ More countries than ever now have emissions legislation requiring the fitment of autocatalysts and our manufacturing operations enjoyed record volumes.
▪ Such products include fuel oil, paint, building materials and fitments, and electronic Components.
▪ The fitments will need to be placed well above and beyond the sides of the window to give maximum freedom of movement.
▪ The same applies to changing your chairs or perhaps your kitchen fitments.
▪ This system would require the fitment of special electronic transponders to each bus in order to alert traffic signals.
▪ When using an overlap arm, leave enough space to correspond to the size of the fitment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fitment \Fit"ment\, n. The act of fitting; that which is proper or becoming; equipment. [Obs.]


n. 1 (context archaic English) Something that suits or fits. 2 A thing fitted to another in order to accomplish a specific purpose. 3 An item of permanent furniture or equipment. 4 The act of furnishing with fitments; an instance of such an act. 5 (context India English) The categorisation of an employee, for the purpose of calculating salary or allowances. 6 The proper positioning and orientation of a thing for it to serve its designed purpose.


n. any of the items furnishing or equipping a room (especially built-in furniture); "she liked the kitchen fitments"

Usage examples of "fitment".

They were the usual wireless fitments, bakelite knobs fitting snugly to the steel shafts that projected from the front panel.

Nails and ironware hinges, locks, catches and other fitments would be locked up in the dry too.

We distributed several small cogs, a few clock wheels, several camera fitments, some small, tangled bunches of copper wire, and other attractive oddments.

For the sitting-room they had brought down furniture from the attics, but her great-gran had fitted the kitchen out with a new electric cooker, a washing machine and dryer, and cupboard fitments, besides a kitchen table and four chairs.

After Garth and his friends had finished carrying the furniture up the four flights of stairs to their attic home, Claudia had cooked them all a huge meal of spaghetti Bolognese cooked on the Baby Belling stove that was part of the fitments of the flat and that Claudia and her mother had spent hours cleaning with hundreds of packs of Brillo pads.

Now and then one would creep to the privy, a dirty, stinking place, without the fitments of the rich man's easements, let alone of the lavish thermal bathroom with its sheltered terrace facing south.

Normally crews would use a hydraulic jack on that sort of problem, but the Sibyl's tools had gone the way off every other fitment that could be removed from the destroyer and sold.