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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fitch \Fitch\ (?; 224), n.; pl. Fitches. [See Vetch.]

  1. (Bot.) A vetch. [Obs.]

  2. pl. (Bot.) A word found in the Authorized Version of the Bible, representing different Hebrew originals. In Isaiah xxviii. 25, 27, it means the black aromatic seeds of Nigella sativa, still used as a flavoring in the East. In Ezekiel iv. 9, the Revised Version now reads spelt.


Fitch \Fitch\, n. [Contr. of fitched.] (Zo["o]l.) The European polecat; also, its fur.


Etymology 1 n. 1 The (vern: European polecat), ''Mustela putorius''. 2 The skin of the polecat Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) (non-gloss definition: A word found in the Authorized Version of the Bible, representing different Hebrew originals. In Isaiah xxviii. 25, 27, it means the black aromatic seeds of ''Nigella sativa''. In Ezekiel iv. 9, the Revised Version now reads "spelt".)


n. dark brown mustelid of woodlands of Eurasia that gives off an unpleasant odor when threatened [syn: polecat, foulmart, foumart, Mustela putorius]


Fitch may refer to:

Fitch (surname)

Fitch is a family name of Old French origin. Like most ancient surnames, there are a number of possible origins to the name. It may originate from the Old French word fissell meaning "an iron-pointed implement". It may also derive from William de Gernon who inherited the barony of Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, England and took the surname "de Montifitchet". His ancestors eventually shortened the name first to "Fitche" and then to "Fitch".

Related names include Fitchet, Fitchell, Fitchen and Fitchett, as well as others. Earliest records show the name and derivatives occurring from the 12th century onwards. It may also have been used as a personal name.

Usage examples of "fitch".

Fitch had found cause to be wary of the girl, and in view of that fact Ramonda thought it unwise to test her fortitude.

As soon as Scholes was around the corner Fitch swung a fist at the sky.

Fitch gave him altimeter readings to dial into the bombsight, Matthews gave him windspeeds.

Fitch make millions of dollars by pitching their marketing to older teens, because in addition they get the younger teens who aspire to be older.

At Philadelphia an inventor named John Fitch had demonstrated a steamboat on the Delaware River.

January put the dummy gimmick right on the aiming point just as he had so often in the Salton Sea, and Fitch powered the plane down into the violent bank that started their 150-degree turn and flight for safety.

The third day back on the job, following Ryan at four-thirty in the afternoon and pretty sure he was going to Rochester, cutting over Big Beaver to I-75, Virgil stopped off at Abercrombie and Fitch in the Somerset Mall and lifted a pair of $400 Steiner binoculars.

He was followed closely by Fitch who chugged along behind and grinned in bold-faced relief.

Fitch was alone, wireless, mikeless, bugless, without a camera or an agent nearby.

They drove past the Biloxi courthouse, and past a semi-abandoned dime store where Fitch and associates maintained a hidden suite of offices with fresh plywood dust on the floor and cheap rented furniture.

If a more intimate supper for two was appropriate—as it often was—the Fitches got the night off and Paul whipped up crêpes or a fancy omelet himself.

Fitch Yorke sat on a bed roll, his head and shoulder resting against the knotty trunk of a wind-twisted tree, his blond hair bright against the dark purple-blue of the bole as he chewed reflectively on a stick and regarded the flamer with a brooding frown.

Fitch shook the folding chair, a rather thin job that might not meet his challenge.

The major furs at the auctions are mink, marten, fox, fitch, Persian lamb and sable.

She already had two problems on this crew, three, counting Fitch, and the smart thing to do now, the smart thing to have gone for in the first place, was to shed all connection with NG Ramey, and get in with a compatible crowd well on the Ins with everybody, some group with a woman in it, dammit, she wanted buddies as well as bed-mates, and the female crew was being more than stand-off right now.