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The Collaborative International Dictionary

fishpond \fishpond\ n. a freshwater pond with fish.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also fish-pond, mid-15c., from fish (n.) + pond (n.).


n. A freshwater pond stocked with fish; especially one formerly attached to a monastery etc as a source of food


n. a freshwater pond with fish

Usage examples of "fishpond".

There is a swimming pool and a fishpond behind the house, but these bodies of water are a stubborn, frothing, seething mess of algae in which monitor lizards float, their small faces hiding their large, hanging bodies, and in which there are scorpions and frogs in staggering numbers.

There is still the occasional goldfish, from previous managers, hanging in the murky fishpond, but between the monitor lizards and the fishing birds, their numbers dwindle monthly.

She stirred restlessly, hunched against herself, and saw the fishpond, open water lilies burnished in the sunlight.

Below them, the fishpond was a grey still shadow in the gathering dusk.

Mering waylaid me on my way to the fishpond and sent me to put up placards in the village, and it was nearly noon by the time I got back.

After the second time, I walked down to the river and out to the fishpond and over to the flower garden, but no one was there.

I said, but she had already taken off at a run for the fishpond, her skirts flying.

Ten paces inside the hedge, the body of Theodore Watkins lay on the stone verge of a fishpond that was smaller than a bathtub and half full of murky water and dead leaves.

Kestrel, peering into the turbid waters of the fishpond with a jaundiced eye, made no reply.

On discovering the body in the fishpond, Justin had immediately returned home and told his parents.

Any thoughts on why they dumped him in the fishpond instead of just leaving him in the trunk of his car?

He could picture one of the rival landholders salting the fishponds with an Atlas-derived toxin, something that would look like a natural bloom.

That the fortified manor known as Herrard Great Hall together with its lands, fishponds, waters, and all its rights, goods, chattels, and livestock whatsoever, heretofore the property of the Crown, be given and bequeathed to the estate of the said lady and to be hers and the heirs of her body and all in perpetuity.

I showed her where the railways used to run, where the old fishponds and rabbit warrens were, named the few kinds of trees and the one wayside flower the chemicals had left behind.

The fishponds themselves had been stocked with trout and salmon from embryos old Sondheim had delivered from the Platform.