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Crossword clues for fishhooks


n. 1 (plural of fishhook English) 2 (context slang English) A pair of jacks (the playing card)

Usage examples of "fishhooks".

These other cases contain more fishhooks, needles and thread, safety-pins, aspirins, water purifying tablets, things like that.

Most other islanders produced a diverse array of fishhooks, adzes, jewelry, and other objects.

The most important transmissions were of New Guinea shell fishhooks, which spread far into Australia, and of New Guinea outrigger canoes, which spread down the Cape York Peninsula.

As a result, no New Guinea trait except shell fishhooks spread far into Australia.

The trap closes, a net sewn with fishhooks, and Second Son is tumbled into it.

Struggling in a net woven of ropes sewn with fishhooks is like struggling against fate: Resistance only sinks the barbs in more deeply.

We would need a thousand fishhooks and two thousand lengths of sennit.

Fish-lines of sennit, fishhooks of pearl, nets and spears for sharks, all were in order.

Across his forehead, an inch below the hairline, three large fishhooks pierced his flesh.

The fishhooks in the forehead, however, had not been intended as merely a game move.