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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fishery \Fish"er*y\, n.; pl. Fisheries.

  1. The business or practice of catching fish; fishing.

  2. A place for catching fish.

  3. (Law) The right to take fish at a certain place, or in particular waters.


n. (plural of fishery English)

Usage examples of "fisheries".

I've been developing transgenic fish with the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans lab in Vancouver.

In addition, observers for the National Marine Fisheries Service occasionally accompany boats offshore to get a better understanding of the industry they're charged with regulating.

Although the large mesh permitted juveniles to escape, the National Marine Fisheries Service was still leery of its impact on the swordfish population.

In theory, this should have put fisheries management in the hands of the people who fished.

The first time anyone—at least any fisherman—suggested a closure was in 1988, when a Chatham fisherman named Mark Simonitsch stood up to speak at a New England Fisheries Council meeting.

The following year the National Marine Fisheries Service implemented a quota of 6.

He parks at the Bang's Grant Inn in Danvers and walks into the conference room for the beginning of a two-day New England Fisheries Management Council meeting.

The National Marine Fisheries Service is not the sole institution with scientific knowledge on pelagic issues, a third person counters.

Samples taken in 1971 by fisheries biologists showed that the new-year classes (new generations) of herring were not coming along at anything like a sufficient rate to fill the gaps in the herring ranks.

One of the executives of an international fisheries corporation happily told me he expects the capelin supply will "hold up for as long as five or ten years.

Competent fisheries experts predict, with gloomy certainty, that within two decades food fish populations in the oceans will have plunged to less 1'han half their present levels, while during the same twenty years the fishing pres sures upon them will have increased at least ten-fold!

It will also mean an end to fisheries as a way of lire for many thousands oE men However, not every one views this as a disaster.

After two hours of wrestling with the intervening demons of air, I managed, by a miracle it seemed, to reach the Minister of Fisheries tor Newfound land on whom, in taw at least, the responsibility tor the whale rested.

Iskov, the Soviet Minister of Fisheries, recently prohibited the killing of these small whales, on the grounds that they are "the maritime brothers of mankind.

Jor gensen is one of the foremost fisheries physiologists in the world.