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Usage examples of "fish-eye".

Frank pulled what he hoped was a tragicomic face, recollecting too late that if the camera was equipped with a fish-eye lens this might well distort his expression into a horrid leer.

Now, in the fish-eye lens, they saw him clearly for the first time.

On another screen, replacing an earlier view of the habitat's exterior, was a close-up shot of the same robot as seen through the fish-eye lens of another camera mounted on the carapace of Marks's CAS.

The image was heavily distorted - it was exactly as if he had pushed his face into a fish-eye lens - but David could make out a knot of curly black hair, leathery sun-beaten skin, white teeth in a broad smile.

Looking up, everything distorted as if seen through a fish-eye lens, the cap accepted the embrace of the opposite side of the chamber, completing the circle behind the plasma tube.

The sky bore down across the tops of the tall buildings, its weight buckling them, bearing down through the thick and steamy air to press on my head, to crush me, while the street's perspective widened, bellying out like a scene through a fish-eye lens, but then I suppose it had been a long day and the bullets had come very close and there's always, you know, a shift in the state of consciousness when you're still walking about, still doing ordinary things, when by a small margin you have just missed being carried to the ice cold slab and filled with formaldehyde.

The burdened trees leaned over the lip of the dell, as if in some fish-eye lens.

He was directly above the main doors that led out towards the horseshoe drive, a wide-angle lens swallowing up the tapering hub of the Pacific Vista, a note in the back of his mind telling him to get back here tomorrow with a fish-eye.

A head-on angle of the cockpit crew, slightly fish-eye from a wide-angle lens.