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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
economic/fiscal policy
▪ The middle classes have suffered most as a result of government economic policies.
fiscal year
last/current/coming/next fiscal year
▪ He was a fiscal conservative even during the Reagan deficit years.
▪ All the leading Republican governors qualify as fiscal conservatives.
▪ Now, the fiscal conservatives of the east coast have come out on top.
▪ At present, however, the festivities seem light years away, having been eclipsed by a fiscal crisis of mammoth proportions.
▪ When fiscal crisis erupts, they consolidate agencies and centralize control.
▪ O'Connor has argued that the expansion of state intervention has led inevitably to fiscal crisis.
▪ But when economic growth slowed and fiscal crisis hit, the equation changed.
▪ The new measures would effectively add some 4,050 million rupees to the fiscal deficit.
▪ The new government got this year's budget through the opposition-controlled Congress only by agreeing to increase the fiscal deficit.
▪ A rising inflationary trend and a persistent fiscal deficit during 1990 were exacerbated by the continuing civil war and rising petrol prices.
▪ On Sept. 15 the government raised petroleum prices by 18 percent in an attempt to reduce the fiscal deficit.
▪ I am delighted to see that he has also dissociated us from the objectionable features of article 104B regarding fiscal deficits.
▪ We do need to learn some more fiscal discipline in the United Kingdom.
▪ The historical lack of fiscal discipline will not necessarily improve simply because the goal has been locked into the Constitution.
▪ He went on to argue that the bill violated fiscal discipline and would have destroyed jobs and undermined small businesses.
▪ There were no fiscal incentives for the spenders to economise or for consumers to limit their demands.
▪ The production of renewable energy sources should also be promoted through grants, soft loans and fiscal incentives, the report concluded.
▪ He favours the use of fiscal incentives alongside regulation, particularly in the fields of carbon emissions and road haulage.
▪ The fiscal incentives for use of unleaded petrol have been a great success.
▪ In the first place, governments all over the world offer fiscal incentives to attract foreign firms to open factories.
▪ It was agreed to harmonize fiscal incentives for investors and to aim at the creation of a monetary union by 1995.
▪ As my hon. Friend knows, fiscal matters are for our right hon. Friend the Chancellor.
▪ Overall, Feingold has a liberal voting record on social issues and a moderately conservative one on fiscal matters.
▪ Much of this substance was about fiscal matters.
▪ A supplementary package of time-limited fiscal measures aims to help get the economy moving.
▪ Mr. Maples Any change in fiscal measures has to be agreed by unanimous vote in the Council of Ministers.
▪ Any fiscal measures dampening demand for new cars will only increase unemployment in the motor trade.
▪ What would be the likely consequences of specific changes in the current set of fiscal measures affecting forestry?
▪ Discusses possible constraints on developing urban capacity, and examines planning and fiscal measures to unlock it.
▪ In addition to fiscal measures, price controls have sometimes been used as a weapon.
▪ Similarly, fiscal policy, according to monetarists, has no role to play in demand-management.
▪ Both ministers said exchange-rate stability would depend on national fiscal policies.
▪ This will be followed by a review of fiscal policies.
▪ We then use the diagram to go over the mechanics of monetary and fiscal policy.
▪ Two other considerations relevant to the conduct of fiscal policy also should be mentioned.
▪ On each occasion exchange-rate policy took precedence over the introduction of monetary and fiscal policy appropriate to the needs of the economy.
▪ We and others have argued world without end that that is the only way he can have a credible fiscal policy.
▪ Motorola made its prediction after announcing a 19 per cent fall in orders during its fourth fiscal quarter.
▪ Should you maintain your staff during fallow times at the expense of bottom-line profits for the coming fiscal quarters?
▪ Santa Clara-based 3Com Corp. yesterday posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter ended February 29.
▪ Microsoft said profit from operations rose 45 percent in its second fiscal quarter ending in December.
▪ He sees turnover accelerating from the 15% growth recorded in the 1993 fiscal second quarter to March.
▪ Gamble Co. and by Parker Hannifin Corp., which posted lower-than-expected fiscal second-quarter earnings.
▪ Bay Networks said fiscal second-quarter earnings rose because of strong sales of its computer-networking equipment.
▪ The rise was led by Linear Technology Corp., which reported stronger-than-expected fiscal second-quarter earnings.
▪ The company will report fiscal second-quarter results on Tuesday.
▪ It suggests that the benefits of an inefficient fiscal system exceed the costs of high inflation rates.
▪ The Millsboro, Oregon-based company is expected to release fiscal third-quarter earnings tomorrow before the stock market opens.
▪ Yesterday the company said fiscal third-quarter earnings rose 30 percent, better than analysts expected.
▪ In the fiscal year ending in March 1990, the debt-equity ratio for TSE-listed firms was only 1.07.
▪ Clinton has already tempered his request for the 1997 fiscal year, seeking $ 491 million.
▪ As the fiscal year ended, the company was just breaking even.
▪ It grossed $ 2. 16 billion during the last fiscal year.
▪ Revenues from patient services were only $ 61 million, down from $ 76 million in fiscal year 1993.
▪ Last fiscal year, the center chalked up a $ 1. 5 million deficit after falling woefully short on donations.
▪ Their contributions during the past fiscal year had been something less than one million pesos.
▪ Like fiscal years, which cover July 1 through June 30.
▪ More than $ 1. 2 million was collected countywide during the last two fiscal years, he added.
▪ The Securities and Exchange Commission has been able to operate at full strength by using excess fee collections from prior fiscal years.
procurator fiscal
▪ All prosecutions are undertaken by the public prosecutor, the Lord Advocate, or his subordinates, the procurators fiscal.
▪ However, procurators fiscal hardly ever take advantage of this power.
▪ Police said one man had been charged with breach of the peace and a report was being sent to the procurator fiscal.
▪ Police said that a report on the crash would go to the procurator fiscal at Ayr.
▪ The procurator fiscal has a wide measure of autonomy, both in a discretion whether to prosecute and in choosing the charges.
▪ Columbia's fiscal deficit could soar to 1.6 percent of GDP.
▪ It was thought that skillful monetary and fiscal intervention could rescue the economy.
▪ Over the past fiscal year, the school has received $250 million in federal dollars for 1,600 projects.
▪ Perez stated that the current fiscal crisis was the result of the collapse of the oil industry.
▪ The administration needs to come up with a sound fiscal policy.
▪ The Council of Finances determined fiscal policy within the region.
▪ Although the fiscal does not collect information or investigate the crime he is entitled to intervene and direct himself police investigations.
▪ It also said fiscal 1996 revenue should meet or exceed analysts' projections.
▪ Later, the mayor will reimburse the agency from his coffers, they were assured by redevelopment agency fiscal officer Steve Agostini.
▪ Many other distinguished fiscal economists recognise this.
▪ The firm made $ 1. 37 billion before taxes in fiscal year 1995, its third-best year.
▪ The government may soon offer investors some fiscal carrots to do so.
▪ Though their fiscal powers are less, they have gone a very long way in recreating a Catalan political entity.
▪ Time for a personal fiscal analysis of Proposition 186.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fiscal \Fis"cal\ (f[i^]s"kal), a. [F. fiscal, L. fiscalis, fr. fiscus. See Fisc.] Pertaining to the public treasury or revenue.

The fiscal arrangements of government.
--A. Hamilton.


Fiscal \Fis"cal\, n.

  1. The income of a prince or a state; revenue; exchequer. [Obs.]

  2. A treasurer.
    --H. Swinburne.

  3. A public officer in Scotland who prosecutes in petty criminal cases; -- called also procurator fiscal.

  4. The solicitor in Spain and Portugal; the attorney-general.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, "pertaining to public revenue," from Middle French fiscal, from Late Latin fiscalis "of or belonging to the state treasury," from Latin fiscus "state treasury," originally "money bag, purse, basket made of twigs (in which money was kept)," which is of unknown origin. The etymological notion is of the public purse. The general sense of "financial" (1865, American English) was abstracted from phrases fiscal calendar, fiscal year, etc. Related: Fiscally.


Etymology 1 a. 1 Related to the treasury of a country, company, region or city, particularly to government spending and revenue. 2 (context proscribed English) Pertaining to finance and money in general; financial. n. 1 A public official in certain countries having control of public revenue. 2 (context British Scottish law English) procurator fiscal, a public prosecutor. 3 (context legal English) In certain countries, including Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and former colonies of these countries and certain British colonies, solicitor or attorney general. Etymology 2

n. Any of various African shrikes of the genus ''Lanius''.


adj. involving financial matters; "fiscal responsibility" [syn: financial] [ant: nonfinancial]


Fiscal usually refers to government finance. In this context, it may refer to:

  • Fiscal deficit, the budget deficit of a government
  • Fiscal policy, use of government expenditure to influence economic development
  • Fiscal year/fiscal quarter, reporting periods for firms and other agencies

Fiscal may also refer to:

  • Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, the public prosector of Scotland
    • Procurator Fiscal
  • Fiscal (bird), some African species of the shrike genus Lanius
  • Fiscal Parish, in Portugal
  • Fiscal, Spain municipality in Huesca, Spain
Fiscal (Amares)

Fiscal is a parish in Amares Municipality in the Braga District in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 718, in an area of 3.90 km². Fiscal is the birthplace of Portuguese singer António Ribeiro, mostly known as António Variações. Being homaged with a bust located in his birthplace of Fiscal and the name of a street in the city of Amares.

Usage examples of "fiscal".

They would then turn to Ottawa and demand subsidies to cover fiscal overruns, either bribing ininisters to ensure bailouts or threatening to embarrass the government by halting construction-or both.

Acting would represent a substantial fiscal burden et cetera et cetera.

The Fiscal Sins of a Prairie Prime Minister 289 As to the effect of devaluation, Fleming gave an appraisal in the House of Commons on June 17, 1958, which pointed out that a reduced value of the dollar would help some Canadians, and harm others.

To find the primary extensional funding formula, multiply the departmental needs analysis by the fiscal base quotient, unless the project involves calibrated structuring, in which case the quotient should be calculated according to Section W-A of the accompanying instructions.

It may also empower courts of bankruptcy to entertain petitions by taxing agencies or instrumentalities for a composition of their indebtedness where the State has consented to the proceeding and the federal court is not authorized to interfere with the fiscal or governmental affairs of the petitioner.

Deputy Chief of CTC Ben Bonk noted in the talking points that the CTC had obligated 50 percent of its fiscal year 2000 budget by Jan.

Only today I brought down a Barnes Stormer flown by a fiscal terrorist.

Were there other clients, bankers helping this same unfortunate striver with fiscal problems, clerics helping him over theological humps, engineers giving useful tips about his gas turbines?

Sure enough, as we trailed out, the fiscal agent and the buyers were awaiting me.

Underpinning all of it like the fiscal standard in commercial societies lay a bedrock of depravity and violence where in an egalitarian absolute every man was judged by a single standard and that was his readiness to kill.

Germany continues to press for an early introduction of the Eurodollar and fiscal union in general .

From a fiscal standpoint, my three-year-old daughter is more fiscally accountable than Yeltsin or Viktor Grozny ever was.

The advantage of the Krugerrand, the girl at this fiscal alternatives place explained, is it weighs one troy ounce exactly and is easier to deal with.

Committee for Responsible Budgets, a group that meets twice a year and circulates papers on fiscal management.

Littlepage: That the association request the Secretary of Agriculture to include in his estimates of appropriations for the next fiscal year a sum sufficient, in his judgment, to enable the department to carry on a continuous survey of nut culture, including the investigation and study of nut trees throughout the northern states, such nut trees including all the native varieties of nuts, hickories, walnuts, butternuts and any sub-divisions of those varieties, and that a committee of three be appointed to interview the secretary personally to have this amount included in the appropriation.