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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (plural of firefighter English)

Usage examples of "firefighters".

More firefighters hauled a smoke evacuator up, thrust its intake nozzle into the room, and switched it on.

Places where the firefighters had used water were frozen, making the footing treacherous.

Over the last two years he's been training firefighters and getting the island councils to clean up obvious fire hazards.

He talked, wheedled, bullied, all to get funds and firefighters to train.

When she came into the open, she found herself just to one side of a line of well-trained firefighters who passed buckets of water to the fire and back from the nearest well.

A handful of women and possessions on the icy street testified that the firefighters had carried a great deal out of this place before they'd given up.

Nobody was supposed to die, particularly not some blind shopgirl, but the firefighters had to be tested.

At least it gave my local firefighters a chance to use their training, after months of no fires at all.

For another, he wearied of battles with councils for funds and space to train firefighters, and battles with the men and women who were ordered by their masters to learn from him.

The firefighters watched him with awe as they fought to keep from vomiting at the dreadful smell of burned flesh.

A handful of firefighters maneuvered under the window with an outstretched blanket, yelling for her to jump.

He swerved around the firefighters as they tipped the wailing child off the blanket and approached a door on the ground floor near the nursery.

The confectioner's shop, when his raw firefighters had done so poorly, would be maddening.

Without him to direct the firefighters, he knew they would have lost plenty of the surrounding buildings and their residents as well.

Marc and I and the firefighters found him lying unconscious beside his chair in the hall, two bewil­dered nurses and a young physician attempting to revive him.